Fact Sheet Athena 2022

  • Knowledge of needs and demands of migrant women improved! Desk analysis per country has been carried out and can be easily accessed here. The study implied direct engagement of migrant women and stakeholders involved in each of the international specialized working group per country.


  • 35 good practices addressed to migrant women entrepreneurship have been identified and can be found in this link.


  • A minimum of 210 women will be targeted during ATHENA’s project life, 35 per country region has been trained and assessed in economic and social integration.


  • 35 officers and professionals has increased their capacities through the training implemented in each country region. Needs and demands of migrant women (first result) has been shown to the professionals to tackle the needs and increase the knowledge about their motivations.


  • Policy recommendations based on the lessons learnt is being generated and will be accessible after the end of the project.


  • Testimonials of migrant women who have participated in ATHENA can be found in this video and the full version can be easily accessed here


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