Expected Results:

Improved knowledge of needs and demands of migrant women, which will complement previous works and researches with additional fields of research and practical approach towards business support organizations’ services. 

Improved and programmes supporting migrant women entrepreneurship. New services will be launched in each territory represented in the project, reflected in 6 action plans that will include an entrepreneurial path for migrant women ready to be adopted.  

More women integrated economically and socially. Only during the project duration an expectation is that at least 30 women are targeted in the pilots in each participating region, what would represent a total of 210 women with increased entrepreneurial capacities. 

Improved capacity of professionals assessing migrant women. With the project 35 officers and professionals will increase their capacities from several business support organizations, NGOs and other organizations directly working with migrant women. 

Policy effectuation at different levels facilitated by a series of recommendations. These policy recommendations will be based on the lessons learnt during the project and will facilitate the transferability of the Action Plans or the adoption of particular measures within the policies of the different regions and countries in the European Union.